Wednesday, November 01, 2006

An Apple Polisher Speaks up

The pip squeek got this in the mail: it is presented unedited, (the pip squeek couldn't improve this message--even if they made an effort!)

I have never posted to a blog, and am not too sure from the email how to post, so I'm sending you an email instead. Hope this works for you. I was very happy to see your complaints, and think that they are long overdue.

This would have been my posting:

It is sad to hear what has become of the BAKG recently, and to infer where it is headed.

I speak from a position of one who attended the birth meeting at the Grand Army Library, Brooklyn; there may have been twelve of us in the little meeting room talking about a purpose, a name, dues, and meeting agendas. Grace Shanahan, a librarian, became our first president, and me subsequently met at various libraries.

Until 1999,
- there was a real board of directors, and regular board meetings, and a board who actually answered to the members;

- treasurer's reports were presented to the board monthly; they were printed in City Purls twice a year. At any meeting curious/interested persons could ask to see the monthly report;

- well-known knit/crochet teachers/fiber artists/designers/authors were paid to make presentations at eight or nine meetings a year;

- there was a constant struggle to find larger and larger restaurants to accommodate the crowd that wanted to attend the annual luncheon;

- the retreat usually had three or four nationally known knitting teachers who attracted many members and turned a profit;

- the meetings were technically informative, intellectually stimulating, and socially rewarding; and

- the board adhered to both the spirit and the letter of the mission statement and worried about satisfying the members.

When Claire became president, I stopped attending meetings and let my membership lapse. I am wondering how the membership became so apathetic that it allowed undistinguished people to become unresponsive to the membership.

From the former multi-year treasurer, Renee Katz

PS You can sign it with my name when you post this. Thank you for starting the blog. I really miss the old BAKG.


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