Thursday, November 02, 2006

Charity Begins at home

The BAKG has a charitable function.. Remember, that one of the goal listed on the BAKG web site and in CityPurls.
But the BAKG is not incorporated as a not for profit organization. It is an unincorporated group. (Remember, that was one of the comments the Greek chorus provide as a defense of madam presidents behavior)
So, any contributions of charity knitting (or funds like last year’s fund raising for Habitat for Humanity) made to BAKG can’t be declared on your taxes.
Now, I know, most of us don’t have the kind of income that puts us into a position of making charity donation JUST for the tax write off. Most of us contribute to charities with if not purer, at least more generous motives. We do it to help others.
Still, most of us have to render unto Caesar what is Creaser’s.* When we give to a recognized, incorporated, not for profit organization, we can get a break on what we owe to Caesar in the way of taxes, and we like that!
(*FYI if you are unfamiliar with this phrase, it from the new testament (gospels) and refers to the fact that we live in a civil world, even if we are also religious--and that tithing, does not absolve us from paying taxes.. We must pay our taxes as surely as we pray!)
Word is --from one board member-- at the October General meeting of the BAKG that our new members project will be knitting scarves for the Seaman’s Institute.
2 Issues
1--When was a new members project discussed? When did the City Purls have an article asking for idea for a new members project? When did the members get to have a say?
What kind of Membership project is this!?
2--If a BAKG member knits a scarf for the Seaman’s Institute, and donates it directly, they can receive a receipt and tax credit for their donation.
If a BAKG member knit’s a scarf for the Seaman’s Institute and donates it to the BAKG --and the BAKG donates the that scarf (and many others) to the Seaman’s Institute, than no one gets a tax credit or deduction.
The pip squeek is not against charity knitting, or even against the idea that for the next year or so, we devote most of our charity effort to making scarves for the Seaman’s Institute.
But is this charity work a membership project? is a membership project something different than working toward the genearal goal of the organization?
And don’t the members get a say in a Membership Project? And if the BAKG is concerned (and our goals say we are) about Charity work, shouldn’t we incorporate as a not for profit organization?


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