Sunday, November 05, 2006


Remember the CityPurls? Miss it? I do!

It’s a fount of information..
Just look at the March/ April edition--oops-- I mean the May/ June edition. (read the dateline in on footer of the June issue and you’ll find both dates referred to!)

In fact, in the dateline footer is the only place you’ll find a reference to the March April edition. but that's another whole seperate mess.

Still the June issue is such interesting reading. Here are some nuggets that struck me..

Tucked into the Presidents letter is a plug for one of her bus trips. Yes, she seems to have trouble keeping track of what is BAKG business, and what is her personal business. Could it be early onset Alzhiemer’s? -I don’t think she is stupid, so there must be some reason she has trouble separating the two.

Of course it could be that she thinks the BAKG is her personal business. And that she really doesn’t have any responsibility to the membership. She often seems to behave that way.

Then there are minutes of the February Meeting, on page 3.
In September, Madam Recording Secretary said that March was the last Meeting of the Board, --since then, when challenged-- she has sputtered something about there being regular board meetings, but it they have been held, they have been held in secret! February minutes are the last made available to the BAKG Membership. (and here it is, NOVEMBER!)

Meanwhile back on Page 3 of June issue of CityPurls, there are some interesting notes.
Item 1.
The signatories have been changed on our bank account to reflect the new Treasurer.
Presumably, this transfer was to Germana Martincigh.
Since then, Germana has moved out of state, and resigned her office.
Who signs the check now? Who knows? Okay, you’re right, that’s beating a dead horse.

Item 2 (or if you prefer, II.)
Notes that there is only one BAKG tote bag left.
Is it just me, or has accounting for the tote bags (and income from the sale of them) been just glossed over in the past 3 years? I think an audit of tote bags sales in in order.

Item 5
referred to a discussion about the ongoing revisions to the by-laws--AND to A CHANGE of the by-laws.
The minutes report that the board members present voted unanimously to change the by laws, and that, in the future, only the four officers (President, VP, Treasurer and Recording Secretary) will be allow to vote.
That’s interesting. The Current by laws require that all changes to the by laws be presented to membership, and that the general membership have to approve them before they become part of the established by-laws.
So tell me, members, have you been asked you opinion on this change to the by-laws?
Do you approve of this change? I know I don't.

We elect not just the four officers, but others. We expect them to have a vote. By disentrancing these elected official, WE MEMBERS are being disenfranchised.
Talk about a lack of representation!
We now have fewer board meetings then ever before, with fewer officers, and less and less input by the members..
I know what this reminds me of--George Orwell’s Animal Farm.. You know, where every animal is equal, but some are MORE equal. --you remember, the PIGS were “more equal”.

Item 8
refers to the BAKG renting a post office box for a central mailing address for the BAKG.

That hasn’t happened. So it’s nice to see the board is actually doing something --NOT.

The September issue of the CityPurl had neither Board meeting minutes or a treasurers report. Interesting reading wasn’t it? Obviously, we members are just getting in the way of the board. If they could just get all of us to send in dues, and then quit, the place would be ideal for them. They could spend all the BAKG money, with out bothering with meeting or pesky members.


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