Thursday, November 30, 2006

Do you read all the comments?

A recent comment:
Why don't you just go to a guild meeting and publicly demand an accounting in a forthright manner? Keep going and politely demand an accounting until something is done. I think your behavior is passive-aggressive: an anonymous blog that rips someone to shreds is not going to accomplish the goal.

Valid, perfect valid.
Let’s go through line by line.
Why don't you just go to a guild meeting and publicly demand an accounting in a forthright manner?
This has been done. Not once, not twice, but repeatedly.
Members ask why we aren’t receiving treasure reports and other information, and Madam President curtly replies. “this is not open for discussion now” If an other member repeats the question, her reply is “asked and answered” (but, in reality, the question hasn’t been answered, its been ignored.)
Ask again, and Friends of Madam President chine in and say “You are disrupting the meeting!”
After a while the questioner gets disgusted and quits. 200 member have quit in 2 years.
--(did you see The Wormy Apple: An Apple Polisher Speaks up? (see November archives, Nov 1st entry) Former board members who have worked with the current Madam President ECHO, this Pip’s concerns. They don’t stand up to defend her.

Keep going and politely demand an accounting until something is done.
Madam President won’t even give an accounting to her other members of her board.
One board member called for a special meeting to address the Pip’s (and other pip’s) concerns, and Madam President refuses to have a meeting.
We’ve tried polite. It got us no where.

I think your behavior is passive-aggressive: an anonymous blog that rips someone to shreds is not going to accomplish the goal.
Am I ripping her to shreds? Have I called her a thief? NO.
Am I suspicious? Damn right I am. If she has nothing to hide why is she hiding not just from general members but at this point from her own board?

As I said above, a board member approached Madam President and attempted to set up a Board meeting to discuss issues raised by the Pip and others and Madam President refuses to attend such a meeting. And Board meetings that used to be regularly held just before General meetings are not either not held, or held in secret.

How is a member suppose to raise this issue quietly and politely when, for 7 months there were no Board meetings to raise it at? And when a board meeting was final convened (after the Pip pointed out there had been No meetings!) it was held in secret. (With a scant 24 hours notice to board members?)

How is a member supposed to accomplishing anything when for 3 (our of 10 general meetings this year) Madam President hasn’t even shown up?

How is a member supposed to accomplish or ask anything when at the October meeting, THERE WASN’T A SINGLE MEMBER OF THE BOARD IN ATTENDANCE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MEETING?

The By-Laws BAR an executive officer from holding 2 posts, yet when the duly elected Treasurer resigned, Madam President had her name added to the Guild’s bank account, --and simultaneously stopped having Board meetings!

She set her self up as ‘treasurer’ and took hold of the Guild funds, and stopped meeting with the board. She sends out notices for guild functions (and runs ads for her business in the notices!) and directs members to send money’s to her.

So she collects, she deposits (hopefully!) and she writes checks, and she answers to no one.

The Pip is a nom de plume, but it is an open blog.

Your comments have value (and you are not the only one who has expressed concern that this is not the best way to deal with the BAKG issues.--just the first to offer them as a comment in writing. ) But other avenues have been tried.

This is not the first choice, nor the second choice, it is a last ditch effort to get something done.

Madam President has at her disposal many means to address these issues.

The BAKG has a Yahoo message group (only open to BAKG Members)
She has meetings, she is responsible for a Presidents Letter in every issue of the CityPurls, (the guild newsletter). She could post a response here.

The Pip didn’t delete your comments, --the Pip is not interested in censorship.

She does nothing
......--except sit back and wait for members to quit.
, of this organization, of almost any organization,
is a term of office that is SERVED.
.....Her responsibility is to MEMBERSHIP.
.....She is not acting responsible.
.....She is not serving the members or the guild.
.....She, more than anyone else, has shut done all means of


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should point out that anyone can post here but anyone who tries to raise these questions on the BAKG messageboard is banned.

1:26 PM, November 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe something like this is happening in your guild - Why don't you all just hold gatherings without informing the board members and essentially "leave them out of the picture". It looks painfully obvious by now that you aren't going to see where your money went, and the board members are not going to answer your questions. What if you start a New Guild? You could start it with donations instead of membership dues, and then later on if everybody agrees you can make it a more formalized thing. It may be small at first, but I think once the idea trickles down you will have more of a following, especially considering the actions of the members of the board and MP.

4:51 AM, December 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm the anon whose questions you answered. I really appreciate your respectful answers to my questions and lack of censorship. Your answers were succinct. It was hard to read through all of your previous posts. I no longer think you're just ranting and raving. I now support your efforts.

Have you considered contact TKGA? I'm not familiar with guild structures, but I would think that TKGA is a parent organization and would have some say in this issue, or at least some political sway.

Don't take this wrong, but if you do go to TKGA, you need to make sure you do nothing that leaves yourself open to pot shots. Be succinct, professional, and non-emotional. If you come across as a ranting obsessed member, they'll find a way to discredit you. I wish you good luck.

8:30 AM, December 01, 2006  

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