Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Emperor’s New Clothes.. Or how a con works

You know the story--
Visitors come to town, with many amazing things--jewels, and novelties, and Wait, special, just for the most important person (the Emperor!) some wonderful fabric
Not only is it beautiful, but its is magical.. It can only be seen by those who are truly suited to their position in life…
And out comes NOTHING.
But no one will admit it. The emperor won’t, nor will the minister, nor will the master of the wardrobe, nor will the royal tailors, now the royal maidservants.
NO ONE want to admit, that perhaps they are not the best suited for their job.
Finally --it takes a fool.. A nobody, who has nothing to lose to point out there is nothing there.
But by then, the con artist are long gone.. And everyone, from the Emperor on down, has to admit to being taken in--every one, including the Emperor has to admit, I was a fool.
In real life, the police will tell you, no one wants to admit to being taken in. No one wants to play the fool on their own. And there is no Emperor to admit it first.

Con artist don’t just take money. They rob their victims of a sense of self worth.
Money is easy to replace. But our sense of self, our personal belief in our own good judgment, our sense that we are smart, and world wise, the we know good from evil, that we are not fools--that we value even more than we value money.

Why hasn’t Madam Recording Secretary joined in and public seconded the PIP’s request for a Treasurers Report? Why hasn’t she stood up and said, “This is not Right.”?

THE BAKG has an elected board, and they each have their responsiblities, and its not right that Madam President is SOLE arbitrator of everything.
So Madam Recording Secretary, are you still going to stand by, and do nothing, when by now, it must be clear, things are not right?

Are you embarrassed? Have you realized you've been conned? Have you found yourself marching down the main road, clothed in NOTHING. Have you, like the Emperor, realized, There is no magic fabric.

This Pip thinks, our Madam Recording Secretary has been robbed of her confidence of self. She has been lead astray. And now, when faced with the facts, she will join a huge number of FFOC (former Friends of Madam President.) The number is legion.

Likely, she’ll drop out of BAKG. (look how many who have served with Madam President have)
She’ll be come closed mouthed. Not because she doesn’t have anything to say, but because its will be too painful to recount. You have to look far and wide to find a FFOC's who is still a member of the BAKG.

Con Artists count on that. When the police investigate cons they find victim after victim, but few (fewer on average than 1 in 7), is willing to come forward and publicly admit-- “I was a taken in by him/her. I allowed myself to get played”. They have lost money. But more than that, they have lost self confidence, self esteem. They have no desire to publicly admit to their misguided beliefs. No one wants to stand up and say, “I was a fool”. It’s too embarrassing. Better to just cut and run, tail between their legs. They accept their loses, and try to hide from their embarrassment.

Former treasurers, former VP’s former what ever’s.. So many of them gone.
So many of them, once active vital members of the BAKG, now hiding out.
Now resigned, not just from their former office, but from the BAKG entirely.
I am sure Madam President has an explanation.. “disgruntled, negative members”
(Unless they are crazy or worse.--or maybe they are just jelious, or sore losers, or anything at all but right!) And just how did they become that way? Do you think maybe they were conned? That maybe they were played the fool?

So Madam Secretary, are you, too, becoming too embarrassed to show your face?
Will you cut and run? Or will you stand up?
The BAKG board is elected to serve the membership.
You still have 1 year in office.
......Will you stand by and do nothing?
.....Will there be another 7 or 8 months with no Board
.....Will there be another 16 months with no treasurers
.....Will you be the ONE--that stand's up and bears
........testament to being conned?
Or are you one of the seven who refuse come forward and publicly admit, I was taken in.
All of us have foolish moments. We hope and trust you can get over it.
You might have been played a fool for a short while, but this PIP doesn’t think you are a FOOL, even if you were fooled.
You aren’t a fool, you were just played by a con artist. It happens to the best of us.
Even the emperor was taken in.

And what should we do with Madam President?
Should we let her go on her merry way, do we let her take our dignity, and our money?
Or should she be called to account for her actions?

.....Let's start with a Treasures Report. It is long overdue.
.......And along with that, a through review of all the BAKG bank
.....Let's see what the balance of the BAKG accounts stand at
.......--not just what Madam President says they stand at.
.....Let’s see who’s been signing checks--and for what.
.....Let’s see if all the money’s due to the BAKG has
........ been deposited in the BAKG account.
.....Let’s see who’s been receiving the BAKG bank
....... statements.
.....Let’s see what the BAKG money is being spent on, and if there
.......are receipts to justify those expenditures.
.....Let's stop pretending that
......."Things are fine."

They aren't. 16 months and counting, and no Treasures Report is not fine.
These are not the radical ideas of some disgruntled member. These are sound practices of any well run organization.

This Pip has been a fool in the past. But not anymore. Who else has been fooled?


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