Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Every Single Penny

should be accounted for--Don’t you agree?
Madam President, we are still waiting.
Your self imposed deadline has come and gone, and still we are waiting.
You can stall, you can delay, but we are not going away.

Every day there are more and more members reading what this little pip has to say, and every day, more and more members are squeeking along with this pip. (Did you see the counter? Lots of people are looking, there are lots of silent pips.)

Our Madam President? I guess she is still engaged in her creative writing exercise.
I mean a treasurer report is pretty simple.
It shows income (membership, workshops, the retreat , the luncheon)
It shows outgo, (members services like meeting notices, room fees, CityPurls)
Its shows gain or loss.

In a year, The BAKG can’t be writing more than 100 checks.
12 months to the year, but there is no meeting in August, so 11 printing fee checks, 11 postage checks, 11 labels/printing labels checks, That’s 3 checks every month for meeting notices.
7 times a year, room fee checks--since twice a year the meetings are at Mickie’s, and 1 month there is the luncheon, 1 month is the retreat.
6 times a year (or in this year 5) 3 checks, (printing, postage, labels) for CitiPurls

Once a year, a half checks for the retreat. One each for the deposit, a partial payment, a full payment, and finally compensation checks for the instructors. Don’t forget we’ve already counted the checks for printing, postage and labels for the retreat flyer as part of the meeting notices.
The luncheon has the same half dozen checks required.
Count them up--that only 75 or so checks.

Of course both event do generate income, and deposits, (and these checks too, need to be recorded and accounted for.) The retreat, with options, is the most complicated, but, still that was only 25 or so checks this year. The luncheon is a lot simpler--every income check is identical, and there are a few checks associated with that.

There are once a year fees too, like the fee to maintain the BAKG web page.
What else? Speakers fee? --Did we have speakers?
Do we com'p guild members? Some of them?
Well that's another whole discussion.

The BAKG is not a huge multi division conglomerate. It’s a small organization.
A competent person should be able to have a decent report together in a few hours.
If they used Excel or QuickBooks, it would take less time.

But CREATIVE WRITING, well that is hard. Accounting for miscellaneous stuff is harder still. Remember, last year there was over $1,000 in miscellaneous stuff? Well, that’s not going to fly this year. I think, after all this time, we are entitled to know where every single penny went. Don’t you agree?
I intentionally left out the income from the auction. That fund raiser generates a lot of cash payments. And I think we should plan on looking closely at how much income it generated last year.
PS--You do know The Wormy Apple has gone public, don’t you?
There are posts with links on Knitty, Craftster, the TKGA, and lots of other places.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think madam president can produce a financial statement.
Most of the money is probably gone.
A financial statement would blatantly show her little schemes.
If she even dares to produce a financial report, every item must be scrutenized.
Members must question all the items and ask for receipts.
You know that her skimming will be imbedded in these items.
Also, you need to verify income from the classes and retreat.
You need to know who much the teachers are paid and how the are paid.
Are they paid in cash so there is no trail?
If the instructors are paid by check, how much cash do they give back to madam president?
You know that's where some of the skimming takes place.
You also need to get the financials on the luncheon.
Call the restaurant and find out how much they would charge for the same luncheon. So you'll have some additional ammunition to blast her.

4:38 PM, November 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I'd recall all the elected officials and hold a new election. Then I'd get legal advice on how to proceed with the missing [if any] money. Contact your state's Attorney General's office.

The very worst thing to do is sit back and do nothing. Organize and do something about this. Unhappy members can start their own group.

I don't live in NY, but I do feel sorry that you are going through this.

By the way, I read about this on KR. Hang in there and fight for what's right.

8:35 AM, November 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you just go to a guild meeting and publicly demand an accounting in a forthright manner? Keep going and politely demand an accounting until something is done. I think your behavior is passive-aggressive: an anonymous blog that rips someone to shreds is not going to accomplish the goal.

8:37 AM, November 30, 2006  

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