Thursday, November 09, 2006

Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming In.

The problems with the BAKG can’t all be laid at Madam Presidents feet, but her behavior is a major part of the problem--she has her had pick Greek chorus as members of the Executive committee, and she has disentranced the other elected members of the board.
But we the membership and stood by and let this happen.

Yesterday the general electorate of the US sent a message and we’ve change the HOUSE and SENATE. Its quite possible for the membership to change things at the BAKG too.

MOST important, is that all the apple pips make a squeek’s--otherwise, Madam President will stand there, lips drawn, eyes down cast, a perfect ‘poor Claire’ face, and ignore this. She’ll claim, if pushed, it’s the work of one disgruntled, disruptive member.
She claim it’s normal to have fluctuation in membership, and sure people left the BAKG, but that’s normal, and she’ll claim that everyone is perfectly happy with the way things are.

So, if case you missed these comments, from other pip squeaks, I present them here.
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Anonymous 1 says:
Finally, some one has exposed the bakg. HOORAY!!I have served on the board B.C. (Before Claire). The early board members worked very hard to establish the guild, find great guest speakers, plan the retreat and get the best teachers available. The retreat was always profitable and attendance at the luncheon grew to 100+. Members looked forward to guild activities. Why haven't the majority of guild members called a special election for a new board? Do they even know about the by-laws or been given a copy? Who monitors the honesty of the elections? Who verifies that ALL candidates are on the ballot? Candidates names have gotten lost in the past couple of elections. At my last attended meeting, I wanted to know what the justification was for raising dues when, at that time, there was about 16k in the treasury. The only response I got was from Claire's cronies who stood up and called me "hostile". I've had to ask several times for a financial statement. When one was finally produced, it was incomplete. What were they trying to hide? Since I could never get a straight answer, I had had enough and dropped out. If there was nothing to hide, then why resist disclosing a full financial statement.I miss the old bakg days.
Anonymous 2 says:
When wse vote with our feet,we leave the surplus in the treasury for her to spend as she pleases. No wonder she wants the complainbers to quit.
Anonymous 3 says:
It is reassuring to read your words about the BAKG, and apparent takeover by the President. I am one of the members who has "voted with her feet" and let my membership expire, since the comraderie and general sense of women coming together to share their craft was not visible in the meetings. Since Inever attended Board Meetings I felt I hadn't the right to complain about leadership that is essentially volunteer. However, if there is suspicion that monies are not accounted for, and by-laws are being ignored, how is it that no one else has been elected to be the new President?

Anonymous 4 says:
why not get rid of claire....I was a member that left, as many others have for the same reason..she should know she is not wanted, we can then have a good BAKG again and all get back together.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If our president can do things without consulting us,we can do things without consulting her.How about an anti-luncheon. Since there is no special speaker,members could just hang out in a diner and show off our projects. We could also have an anti-reteat in a park where one of us teaches a workshop.

2:03 PM, November 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that madam president has plenty to hide which is why she WON'T produce a financial statement.

Has madam president already emptied the treasury?

If so, producing a financial statement would expose her scheme!

She needs secret meetings to either cover her steps or to get any remaining funds out of the bakg and run.

Producing a financial statement is only problematic when there's something to hide.

Why are you members so apathetic?
Organize and kick her the hell out.


Never would I have thought that madam president was such a THIEF.
Could the D.A. get involved and investigate bakg?

What's wrong with this picture?

8:08 PM, November 13, 2006  

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