Monday, November 27, 2006

More pip's keep adding to the pulp.

A BAKG member who asked to remain (at least for now) anonymous wrote the Pip
(and referred to a comment in Other Pip’s squeek, too, blog entry.)
The Pip said:
We don't seem to be attracting the new young upcoming designers. Just look at Debbie Stohler's books Stitch and Bitch and Stitch and Bitch Nation. Many of the designers featured in those books live and work in the NY area--but they are not members of the BAKG. These designers often have on line Knit alongs that attract hundreds of knitters.. but they are not being invited to run workshops at the BAKG.

Another PipSqueek said:
when it comes to something’s that were posted on the blog.
1) it's about the young and upcoming designers and the increase in interest in knitting. as stated, the BAKG is not reaching out to younger knitters. as far as i know, there is 1, yes 1 member who is under 25 (correct me if i'm wrong). and now that i think about it, i haven't seen her there in a while.

Yes, this Pip is no spring chicken, and this member is so right. The BAKG is a semi geriatric organization! (Is menopause an unspoken requirement for membership?)
She(he?) continued:
2) what determines membership? is it paying the fee at the beginning of the year and leaving it at that? or is there more to it.
in an organization, all fee-paying members should have a say in things. it seems like here it's not.

for example... meeting place? i mean come on! that is a trip for EVERYONE except a few, and on top of that it costs.

another member told me " We used to meet in libraries all over the city.
We got too big for most library spaces and LaGuardia was free. Now they are charging.
We keep suggesting that we look into other spaces for the same or lower cost but we are ignored. It is a short bus ride for madam president"

i'll have more rants for you later.

Pip would like to point out, one of Madam Presidents passive aggressive ploys here.

If you attempt (as has been done) to speak to her, She “dumps” responsibility, rather than sharing it. She says “Do it” but never discusses what the BAKG can afford (and since there is no communication on the budget or the treasury, it’s not as if this is common knowledge)

There are consideration too, (handicapped accessibility comes to mind to start) and there are no doubt others. But they, too, are not discussed. There is no opportunity for discussion. A members suggested is not treated seriously.

And if a member knew about an other meeting place, would they be empowered to just ‘sign us up”? (Well they shouldn’t be!) Could it be discussed at a Board Meeting? Well, maybe--If we ever had Board Meetings!

There is never an open discussion of why we meet at LACC, and what other options exist. A quick glance at the member’s directory shows several members with EDU email addresses.

Could they be taped to arrange something at their institution? --Perhaps--Maybe there is something is available at the same (or even a lower cost) Something that is perhaps more convenient to a Majority of the members, not just to a select few.

Could we arrange for a more central location? Who Knows? It’s not something Madam President wants to discuss (and again we must ask ourselves, WHY?)

No discussion (passive behavior) results in HER WAY being the only way (aggressive behavior!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is that the young people are using the internet as their primary means of communication and most of the board members are clinging desperately to the technology of the last century.Come on, using a computer is easier than knitting lace.

2:56 PM, November 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the younger generation is interested in knitting. i work at a college and know quite a few of the "younger" knitters. we could get a message board out there, or an internet based idea (look at this website!). the younger knitters would flock to an organization such as this one as soon as the word got out there.
as for the technology... quills and ink anyone?

8:44 PM, November 27, 2006  

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