Friday, November 03, 2006

An other pip squeek pipes up.

from anonymous,( for right now). a pip squeek had added some notes in orange

1) Claire started organizing bus trips to various knitting shops and events. She uses City Purls to advertise her trips without paying for the advertisements. Claire keeps the profits for herself. Rightfully, those profits belong to the BAKG.
Madam President recently (September) send out a BAKG mailing about "up and coming events" and include two of her scheduled bus trips.

I can't tell you how many peoeple think these trips are BAKG events.

They are not, as many of us know. They are Madam President's personal business.
It a fine business, and it fills a need, but Madam President needs to seperate her business (a for profit business) from BAKG business. They are not one and the same.

It is total unethical for Madam President to advertize her business in BAKG mailing (unless of course she is paying HERSELF for the printing & postage.) Its fine for a business to plug a not for profit (even an unincorpated not for profit) but its not fine for Madam President to use BAKG funds to plug her business!

2) There should never be only one signature on the BAKG account. Claire controls the treasury and spends BAKG money as she pleases. What's really infuriating is that it's our money that she's controlling. No financial statements, no voting on how the money is spent and no disclosure!! Dues was raised to pad the treasury for her use.

We can only speculate.. (remember, there haven't been any Treaurer reports, so we don't know for a fact that there has been abuse.
Though, if something smell rotten, and looks rotten, and feels rotten, we can only guess that there is something rotten about how the Big Apple guild is being run.

3) PEOPLE WAKE UP! Get rid of Claire before she depletes the entire treasury then steps down from the presidency.

4) Charity.... BAKG used to have a wonderful Charity Chairperson. Lots of sweaters, etc. were donated and thank you notes were in City Purls.
Now, BAKG does very little for charity. Two charity meetings per year are scheduled and very little is collected. What charity is the recipient of those contributions?
Even though BAKG is not incorporated, charitable organizations still send "thank you" notes. Has anyone ever seen them?

Well, every once in a while, burried in the president's letter in the Citypurls, there is a comment about a thank you from some organization about recieving donations from BAKG. But these are far and few between.

There have only been 3 issue (not the scheduled 5) so far this year, and Madam President wasn't at the June, July or October general meetings, so communication between the president and the membership has been rather sparse!

To be fair and honest, Madam President has read 1 thank you note from someone (to be honest, i forget who it was from)this year. So the donations being made to BAKG for charity's are getting to some, at least some of the time.

PS--the first posting of this blog has received several comments. Scroll down and read them.


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