Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Our Treasurer: Susan Schlager Simon

Do you know her? Personally or even just by sight?

This Pip knows her, just barely by sight. But knows nothing else about her.
Other member’s (the Pip asked at the November meeting) don’t even know her by sight. Well Madam President knows her.
She was the BAKG Treasurer from 2003 to 2005.
So we can get to know her by her reputation right?
We can look in back issues of the CityPurl, and see her work there, right?

What!? You don’t save all the issues of CityPurl? Well in any normal organization, there is a record. Just ask Madam Secretary to refer to her notes--and to the record she has (of previous years) or ask Josephine Colmenares (former CityPurls editor) to verify.

If anything here seems to outlandish, unreal, something so strange, it seems the Pip must have made it up, DON’T TRUST ME. Read the back issues of CityPurls and see for yourself.
The Jan/Feb issue (2004) issue of CityPurls contains the Board Meeting minutes from November 2003. (Item 1 on the minutes, a treasures report)

Mar/Apr issue, the Board Meeting minutes from the XX Meeting.
4 items of business, but nothing from the treasurer.
(this doesn’t bode good does it?)

May/Jun issue has 2 sets of Meeting Minutes
-- The March 11 2004 minutes has -6 items, not one is a treasurers report.
-- The April 10 2004 starts also has 6 item, and start out with a treasurers report.
This is first we hear from Madam Treasurer Susan Schlager.

Jul/Aug issue has June Meeting minutes, and while the success of the retreat is discussed (Item 1) there is no treasurers report to be found in the 5 items of business.
--How do we measure the success of retreat?
--Isn’t financial success one measure?
--So how successful was the retreat? Do you know? I don’t.

Sep/Oct issue No Board Meeting minutes at all.
Nov/Dec issue the October Minutes appear.
5 items of business. No treasurers report.
On to 2005
Jan/Feb 2005 issue.. Here we find the November Meeting Minutes, and treasurers report. (and Susan Schlager is in attendance at the meeting)

Mar/Apr issue--What? I misplaced this issue? Well there was (a very short) report of the Minutes of some meeting.. (I’ll track down the info and update as soon as I can!)
One thing for sure, it didnot contain an end of year treasurers report, nor was one presented at the annual meeting in September 2004.
May/Jun issue has the March 11 and April 9 2005 Board meeting minutes
These are interesting board meeting.
On March 11th only 2 members are present. (madam President and Madam recording secretary. Is that a valid meeting? Don’t the By-Laws call for a quorum?
(oh silly Pip, Madam President doesn't have to abide by the By-Laws does she?)
April’s meeting--just 3 members, Madam President, Madam Secretary, and the “Member at Large”--Again not a quorum. But business is enacted anyway.
The items of business are down to 4, no treasurers report anywhere in sight.

Jul/Aug issue has the June 11th Minutes 4 board members attended--but madam treasurer is not among them.
First order of Business, is the Preparation of a Financial Report for the Annual Luncheon Meeting--well here is a bit of good new!
Second Item of Business---Preparation of Nominating Form to be included in the July Issue of CityPurls. (more on that later!)
Sep/Oct Issue No Board Meeting Minutes, but a Note about irregularities of the nomination/election.
Nov/Dec Issue (again, I just can find this issue right now.--but I will find it, and I will update this post)
Now it clear, Minutes lag behind--how else could it be?
So lets go to the 2006 issues of CityPurls and find what other business occurred in 2005, (looking for Minutes from Novembers or Decembers Board Meetings.)
Jan/Feb 2006 2 sets of Minutes, Oct1 and Nov 19th
4 members at the Board Meeting at the October 1st meeting.
Item 1 is labeled “treasurers report” is list 3 recent check written for the BAKG business.
3 Members at the November 19th meeting. (is this a quorum?)
Item 1 is labeled “treasurers report” it notes a check being written for the retreat

Mar/Apr 2006 has the minutes of the Jan14th Board Meeting. Item 1 is treasures report prepared by Susan Schlager. She is not present, but the newly elected Treasurer is.

If we go back to 2003, we find the March Issue of the CityPurl not only has Board Meeting Minutes, but a end of year statement of the BAKG finances.
Something that has not been seen again in the CityPurl.

Now to be fair there was a hand out at the 2005 Annual Luncheon meeting, that was later mailed to all the members.
----It purported to be a Annual Report.
----It had a end date but not a start date.
----It was a collection of numbers, half a treasurers report, and half a balance statement.
----It had $1000 in unaccounted for Miscellaneous expenses.
----It was UNSIGNED.
----It was purported to be from the Treasurer.

This is what I know about Susan Schlager Simon.
If I were a supervisor rating her performance, I would give her a failing grade.
She doesn’t show up at Board Meeting --which as previously noted, are held just before general membership meetings-so she doesn't attend general meeting.
One can only guess she wasn’t at the secret November 8th meeting, since Madam President said there wasn’t a treasurers report available for the November 11th meeting.
And she wasn’t at the November 11th meeting either.
The record showed she failed to produce regular reports to the Board. And the Financial Report purported prepared in 2005 by her was sloppy, inadequate and poorly organized. There is no record of any Financial Report ever being produced in 2004. (NONE was presented at the 2004 annual luncheon)
So Madam Treasurer,(or should I say Madam Quasi, Interim, Acting Treasurer?)
Please answer some questions:
When where you first introduced to the BAKG Board?

When was your name added to the BAKG Bank Accounts?

Who was previously signing checks and acting as Treasurer?

Did you receive a proper accounting of all BAGK funds at the time of Transfer?

Why didn’t you have a Treasurer’s report available for the November meeting of the BAKG Board (held somewhere Wednesday evening Nov 8th? )

And why wasn’t it ready by November 11th?

How are the BAKG records kept?
----- Are they in a book?
-----Or do you use an electronic register, such as QuickBooks or Excel?

Do you have reciepts for all recorded expenses?

And Finally,
What reasons can you give me to have confidence that your performance, --one that is clearly inadequate as demonstrated by your 2004/2005 record--will improve?

Members, this is your money. It’s there to provide members with services.
Its not there to be spent and not accounted for
What is being done with the money? Its not being spent on general meetings
There are so far, only 4 issue of CityPurl, not 5, (and the question of the Nov/Dec remains open).
Well-- there was the raffle at the November meeting.
There was a raffle of pencils and pads of paper. Reminds me of my history lessons.. As the Roman leadership became more and more corrupt, there was beer and circus’s for the common folk at the coliseum.. To placate them.
Wow! Did you win a pencil? What about the BAKG treasury? Who won that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This fiasco sounds like the wolf guarding the hen house!!!

What do you think about calling the D.A. to investigate?

How do you think madam president would look in stripes?
Of course, they would not be knitted.

3:42 PM, November 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a funny comment. I do agree that something needs to be done. That's really sad that all this is happening. I'm not around NY anymore, but I did enjoy the meetings when I was.

Why not start a new group after you investigate this?

4:34 PM, November 14, 2006  

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