Monday, November 13, 2006

So many tracks to cover, and so little time

As mentioned, Madam President has been busy at the meeting on Nov. 11th,
HG asked: Who is the Treasurer?
Madam President answer: Susan Schlager Simon

HG: She’s been introduced to the board, and approved?
Madam President answer: Of course!

Not asked: When did this take place?

Back in the beginning of September, Madam Recording Secretary, when asked a question about the new madam treasurer, stated:
There hasn’t been a BAKG board meeting since March.

Since then, she has sputtered something about meetings being held.
I’d like to see the minutes of those meeting. And to know when and where they were held, since other board members have stated the same--no board meeting from March to September!

So lets run a time line:
The BAKG board meets in January --that meeting was held, as it was common for years, just before a general membership meeting. There are Minutes of this meeting in an issue of the City Purls.
February; another meeting. Again, this meeting took place before a general meeting, and the minutes of the meeting where published in the CityPurl.
March; a meeting. This we take Madam Secretary’s word for, but there is no public record of the meeting--guess there hasn’t been room in the CityPurls--but I am going to go out on a limb here, and guess, it too, was held just before a general membership meeting.

April; the retreat,--no meeting at the retreat, (since not all board members attended the retreat) and no other meeting.
May; --no meeting
By May, its become common knowledge that the newly elected Madam Treasurer, Germana, has relocated, and resigned her office.
June; No meeting--a board member who re-arranged her schedule to get to LaG CC early to attend the board meeting was a bit ticked. (Foolishly, she had presumed there would be a meeting --well we all know what happens when you presume!)
An other special feature of the June Meeting--Madam President doesn’t attend.
July; another month with no board meeting, --and another General meeting that Madam President doesn’t attend.
there were, in years past, summer picnic meetings, but now there is no general meeting in August. And for at least the past 3 years, no regularly scheduled board meeting in August. So, no surprises here, no board meeting.
September; 2 general meetings really, the Annual Luncheon Ggeneral meeting, and The Knit Out.

I think we must consider the Knit Out a special meeting of the BAKG.

The Craft Yarn Council promotes the BAKG as a co-sponsor of the NY Knit Out, and provide a booth (well, 1 side of free standing booth) to the BAKG. Other participants (yarn stores, etc) paid as much as $400 for the privilege of having a booth.

But neither of these general meetings are conducive to board meetings--still, Madam President does have the right to call a board meeting anytime--and with the publication of the CityPurls, that meeting could have been announced publicly, as to day, time and place--but there wasn’t any notice.

There was the September surprise--there in CityPurls, not a notice of a Board meeting, or Minutes of recent Board meeting, but instead, there is a notice that Susan Simon is the new treasurer.
When did this happen? Who approved it? The By-Laws provide that Madam President can replace (with the approval of the Board) an officer who leaves, but since there was no board meeting, how could there be a new treasurer?

As for the Treasurers qualifications, well that is the subject of a whole separate essay!

More to the point--who’s been signing checks since May? Who is the authorized signature on the account? And who authorized the changes?
October; Well the October meeting was a special one. Not only was there no board meeting, but come 1:00 not a single member of the board is present. Nada,not a one.

Well, to quote her, “the quasi acting treasurer” is there, but she stood around acting as useful as tit on bull. She didn’t stand up and introduce herself, nor did she call the meeting to order. Members come up to HG, not once, not twice, but repeatedly asking when the meeting is going to start.

HG was not prepared (nor is it her responsibility) to call the meeting to order.
And to be honest, she didn’t--she didn’t hand out a sign up sheet, she didn’t ask for members to share show and tell, she didn’t have a treasurers report, or other news and information about the BAKG. To make it perfectly clear, she didn’t run the meeting.
But then, it wasn’t her responsibility was it?

November; -- the Pip has started squeeking.

And the response? A secret, last minute board meeting.
Now, remember, the By-Laws do provide that Madam President can call a Board Meeting when every needed.As the November general meeting approached, Madam President must have realized some members might have been reading the Wormy Apple.
And so the cover up begins.

A last minute, secret meeting. If everything about the BAKG is on the up and up, why a secret meeting? Just what is going on,, that the first Board meeting in MONTHS has to be at a special time, in a secret location, with less than 24 hours notification to board members?

And this secret meeting means there was no board meeting before the general meeting.

No public board meeting means there is no opportunity for a member to ask questions of the board--Not just of Madam President, but of all the board members. Is this a Board of a public organization, or is it a Star Chamber?
Just what is being hidden?
If nothing, why not a meeting at, what for years, was the usual time and place?

Wouldn’t it have been interesting to be a fly on the wall for that meeting?

We know something about it--
There wasn’t a treasurers report! If there was, it would have been available at the general meeting, and as previously noted, Madam President told HG, the report will be available ‘shortly’ in 2 weeks or so--(don’t hold your breath waiting for it!)

So our so called “treasurer” is not off to a good start. But then maybe its not her fault. Maybe she is really only a quasi treasurer .

I think an audit and examination of the BAKG’s bank account is in order.

Let’s see what checks have been written, when, and who signed them.
Let’s find out who’s name is on recorded as the signature for the BAKG Fund’s, when changes were made, and by who.
And BY WHO’s AUTHORITY? It couldn’t have been by the BAKG Board’s authority, since, as the time line shows, there hasn‘t been a board meeting to discuss or authorize anything in months!
Forget the Treasurers report; Let’s have a report on Who Is The Treasurer?
We have a right to know--Who’s got the money? And what have they been doing with it?
And if the Board doesn’t see the need for this, well, maybe we need a totally new board, not just a new treasurer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There were summer picnic meetings? I was never invited to any of them. Now I really feel snubbed.

4:17 PM, November 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that madam president has plenty to hide which is why she WON'T produce a financial statement.

Has madam president already emptied the treasury?

If so, producing a financial statement would expose her scheme!

She needs secret meetings to either cover her steps or to get any remaining funds out of the bakg and run.

Producing a financial statement is only problematic when there's something to hide.

Why are you members so apathetic?
Organize and kick her the hell out.


Never would I have thought that madam president was such a THIEF.
Could the D.A. get involved and investigate bakg?

What's wrong with this picture?

6:44 AM, November 14, 2006  

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