Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Twinkle, twinkle little star….

How I wonder where you are!

Has anyone ever met Staryl Casey at a BAKG meeting? Does she exist?

In all my years attending BAKG meetings I have never met her.
And I’ve asked others--the information I get is “She’s really tight with Madam President”
D’oh! As if this Pip didn’t know Madam President hand pick a board of “Yes’M”!
(Yes’M’s are like yes men, but they are ladies.)
Starly has a stellar record--she didn't attend (from what I can see in the minutes recorded in the CityPurls) any meetings last year, and the same this year. Our Star is a black hole!

Well who is she you might ask? Why should I care?
She is, supposedly, the Program Chairperson.
Think about this year, and the programs.
Remember all the Workshops we had in first Quarter?
No? well don’t worry, you’re not going senile, there were none.
And the meetings this year? TBA’s --for months. NO PLANNING.

But what does Staryl care? She never comes to meeting anyway!

And remember last’s years workshops? They all lost money. It just takes 5 attendees to make a workshop break even. But none of the workshop generated enough interest to attract a scant 2% of the membership. Do you think maybe she is out of touch with the membership?

This year, some workshops are again having trouble attracting attendees.

So lets see, last year, a workshop run by Instructor X failed to attract enough member to make it break even. .. So this year, invite Instructor X back again.
And again, the workshop that fails to attract enough members to break even.

Ok, the workshops aren’t/should be fund raisers.
So lets return the price to $35*--and have full classes of 10-- $350 will more than cover the costs. But 3 attendees at $45 won’t.
----Just who (and when?) authorized the increase in workshop fees?

If Madam Instructor is “so MUCH in demand” that we are going to pay her even if we cancel the class, then there should be no trouble selling out her class.

You can’t have it both ways--IF she is in demand, people will sign up and attend.
If people don’t sign up and attend, there is no demand for this instructor or her classes.

Maybe she is Wonderful instructor..
And the membership is just saturated.
We’ve had our fill, (perhaps just temporarily) of her.
Why do we have the same few instructors time after time? Rumors hint there are ‘irregularities’ about how they are compensated. Any one know the facts?
PS. There is more to the workshops than meets the eye.. Discerning readers will see that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of the members may not be interested in an instructor but they are only a small percentage of the knitters in NYC. Workshops are not announced early enough or announced outside of the BAKG.

10:45 AM, November 15, 2006  

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