Friday, December 15, 2006

The BAKG By Laws (and the BAKG Lawbreakers)

The BAKG, though not incorporated in the state of NY, does (or rather in theory, does, ) operate by a Set of By Laws.
This PIP didn’t write the By Laws.
These are NOT THE PIP rules, these rule long predate the PIP.
But the Pip does expect them to be adhered to. Don’t you, too?
Copies of the By-Laws are available to members on the Yahoo BB or in the Sep/Oct 2005 issue of City Purls.
The elected Board of the BAKG is supposed to observe these By-Laws..
Here are some excerpt from the By-laws and some actions by the board that concern this PIP--the By-laws will be in WHITE, the PIP’s comments, Yellow.
Let’s start with Article IV, that concerns the officers and their duties.
I am going to HIGHLIGHT selected sentences from the By Laws.

The Officers of the Guild shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Term of office for each officer shall be two (2) years. No person may hold two offices concurrently. Officers must be Members in good standing of the Guild.
So, Madam President can’t also be Madam Vice President, or Madam Treasurer.
Seems clear enough.
GM was elected Madam Treasurer in the last BAKG elections.
GM relocated to at the end of March to Chicago.
Members of the BAKG (and the BAKG Board) were not notified till MAY.
(though it seems Madam President knew long before she ever told other members of the Board, or the general membership.
The NEW Madam Treasurer was “NAMED” in September (more on that below)
MADAM PRESIDENT was, IN VIOLATION OF THE BY-LAWS, acting as TREASURE from April till September.
That is a NO-NO Madam President. You are supposed to abide by the By-Laws.

In case of any vacancy among the Officers, a successor to fill the unexpired portion of the term shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the remaining Directors of the Board.

OK, It is absolutely right and proper for Madam President to NAME appoint a person to fill the unexpired portion of the TREASURE Position.
BUT (and here’s what Madam President failed to do)--the person who fill in, (the replacement) does so with APPROVAL of the remaining Board!
That didn’t happen! When HG asked Madam Recording Secretary about how the Board came to APPROVE the Current/Acting/Interim/Quasi Madam Treasurer, Madam Secretary claimed:
..1--There hadn’t been any Board meeting since March.
..2--She had never met the Madam Treasurer.
While other Board members might know the Acting/Interim/Quasi Madam Treasurer, they certain had no say in her appointment (except perhaps at the Nov 8th SECRET Board Meeting.)--But her appointment was announced in the Sep/Oct issue of CityPurls (as a fait acomplte!)
Which Leads us into By Law Article IV, point 3
The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership, all meetings of the Board of Directors and shall be an ex-officio member of any committee established by the Guild. The President with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors shall appoint all standing committees to be established by the Guild. The President shall keep the Board of Directors fully informed about the activities of the Guild and shall perform such other duties as shall be assigned from time to time by the Board of Directors.

NO NOTICE (forget the approval the by-laws call for) to the Board.
Members and Board members alike learned about the new Madam Treasurer by reading about it in the City Purls.
Need I say more?
Next, Article IV, point 7
The Treasurer shall have the custody of all moneys and securities of the Guild and shall place same in appropriate financial vehicles and repositories in accordance with the guidelines established by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall keep proper books of account and sign checks as the Board of Directors may require. The Treasurer shall make reports on the financial condition of the Guild at each Annual Meeting of the Guild and of the Board of Directors and, whenever called upon to do so, at other meetings of the Board of Directors. All duties performed by the Treasurer shall be subject to the supervision and direction of the Board of Directors.

Lots of stuff here.
Remember the Retreat? Remember who you wrote the check to? BAKG.
Remember who you mailed it to? Madam President
Remember the Luncheon?
Remember who you wrote the check to? BAKG.
Remember who you mailed it to?
Madam President.
Remember the WorkShop’s this fall?
Remember who you wrote the check to? BAKG.
Remember who you mailed it to?
Madam President.
Look at the first sentence--The TREASURER shall have the custody of all moneys.

Why are members CONSTANTLY being directed to send money to MADAM PRESIDENT?
And you can expect, come membership renewal time, that you be requested to write a check and send it to? (Want a hint? MP, NOT MT)
Then there is this:
The Treasurer shall make reports on the financial condition of the Guild at each Annual Meeting of the Guild
So a treasurer’s report is part of the Madam Treasures responsibly.
(and sorry to harp, but WE ARE STILL WAITING!)
First, will the
Who signs the check? At who bequest?
Is it Still Madam President? Or is it Madam Acting/Interim/Quasi Treasurer?
And when did she, (if she did?) take over?
BEFORE or AFTER the BOARDS Approval (and when was that.?)
Perhaps Madam Recording Secretary can show us --oop, another By-Law, Madam Recording Secretary is DIRECTED TO KEEP Minutes of BOARD MEETINGS and to publish those minute for the MEMBERS REVIEW.
So Either the Board had lots of meeting ALL SECRET--a violaiton of the
Article IV,
The Secretary shall keep minutes of all proceedings of meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall assure that such minutes are published in the Guild newsletter in a timely manner. The Secretary shall perform such other duties as shall be assigned from time to time by the Board of Directors.
Or, AS this PIP Maintains, there have been very few meetings of the Board this year, and the Board has not had the opportunity to provide any over site.
Perhaps we can ask Madam Recording Secretary:
When was the Acting/Interim/Quasi Madam Treasure introduced to the Members of the board?
Who was at that Board Meeting?
And did Madam Treasurer meet with the Boards approval?
One reason for asking this, is the SECRET BAKG Financial Report, dated Nov 30th, doesn’t have a name on it.
And This PIP is wondering just who prepared that document!

Article IV,
All financial and other records in the custody of the Treasurer shall be open to the Board of Directors at all times for inspection or audit. On ceasing to hold office, the Treasurer shall surrender all records, files, books of account, moneys, securities and other property of the Guild to a successor or to such other person as shall be designated by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall keep accurate and up-to-date lists of Members in good standing, together with their current addresses.

Well this PIP knows, at least 2 members (perhaps more!) of the Board were in favor of having, if not an audit, at least an outside arbitrator at a meeting of the Board and members. But Madam President and Madam Treasurer VETO’d that idea.
I wonder if any member of the Board besides Madam President and Madam Treasurer have any idea about the current, (or for that matter, any monthly balance) of the BAKG accounts.
1. These Bylaws may be amended, repealed or altered in part by a majority vote of those Members voting in a mail ballot, provided that the Board of Directors shall have mailed notice in writing to all full Members stating the proposed amendment(s) in full not less than thirty days prior to the postmark date for the return of the ballots.
Did you know the By-Laws have been changed?
Not legally of course, because changes to the By-Laws require that MEMBERS BE NOTIFIED and MEMBERS GET TO VOTE on the Changes.
But there is, right there in Feb 11th board meeting minutes, (see them in May/Jun issue of CityPurls!) the Board has Changed the By-laws with out so much as a by your leave.

Actually I am somewhat amazed that they even acknowledge the By-Laws exist, since more often than not, they seem to ignore all the provisions!

7. Any one or more of the Directors may be removed either with or without cause, by a vote of two-thirds of the Members present at any special meeting called for that purpose. Any Director may be removed for cause by a majority vote of the entire Board of Directors, at any special meeting of the Board of Directors called for that purpose.
Did you know a member of the Board has been FORCED OUT? And told that she is NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE A BAKG MEMBER IN 2007?
(and that there are plans to FORCE out other members?)
Why was this board member forced out?
Was it for Cause? What was the Cause?
If it wasn’t for Cause, the action was illegal according to the By-laws.
Certainly the MEMBERS didn’t force her out.
Was she Remove at Board Meeting? I think not, but perhaps Madam Recording Secretary, can you please tell us the date, time and members of the board who attended the meeting that made this decision? That is if there ever was a board meeting!

That’s the way thing are DONE now days in the BAKG.
IN SECRET, by a single person saying “YOU HAVE TO GO,
No Board Meetings, no Discussions, no Meeting Minutes, just a simple DICTATORSHIP.
Hmm, any wonder why the PIP chooses to remain anonymous?
And why so many who comment are anonymous too?
It this the kind of organization we have?
Ask a Question, and face reprisals?
Well what do the by laws say?

Any person who is interested in the purpose of this organization may become a Member by payment of annual dues. Any person who wishes may subscribe to the newsletter. This subscription does not confer any membership benefits.
That is.
So don’t let anyone tell you:
And don’t stand by idly when they tell others the same.
The Board of the BAKG doesn’t have that POWER.
--unless we let them get away with Vicious behavior.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Members of other groups I beongto have delt with financial emergencies by laying out the money needed and being reimbursed through proper channels. Of course, they never had to wait as long for the proper channels to be established.

1:27 PM, December 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Claire - Ruinner of bakg. Her arrogance ruined bakg and she doesn't think any this applies to her.

All the hard work of previous boards, is down the drain by one greedy person!
What's even more pathetic are her stupid cronies who choose not to see her true colors.
They would jump off the roof, if told to.

How sad is that?

11:51 PM, December 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MP has given a black eye to knitting guilds.
It's time to form a new guild!
There's so much negativity surrounding bakg and its board (or lack of).
If members allow mp to control their money and are too apathetic to do anything about it, then that's the guild they deserve.
If mp wants the treasury more than she loves knitting or cares about what bakg represents, then hopefully that money will pay for doctor bills.
She deserves no better.

12:13 AM, December 19, 2006  

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