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Remember, you heard it here first!

Sometime (before my time in the BAKG started) a “members project” was started.
Two outgoing hard working members, discovered Horst Schultz, and Modular knitting.

They organized a project. They taught classes. The project start out with a great deal of enthusiasm. It was, by all measures, a success.

Then, the years passed, and interest withered. But the project lingered on.
The one of the founding member of so called current project, is one of the members who has voted with her feet, and left the BAKG!

Its now 2006, (and very nearly 2007) and a new membership project is needed.

What should the BAKG Members Project be?
I Dunno! Let’s Ask the Members.

If it’s a Membership Project, Members should have a say.
First, the members should be asked for ideas, and the ideas discussed and voted on.
There should be a time limit to the project.
It should be started, worked on, completed.
And then another project should be started.

Specifically, What sort of project should there be?
Here are a few ideas. Are these the best ideas? Nope.
They are just idea’s to get members thinking.
Let's get a list together--these ideas (not all the Pip’s by any means!) and others, and lets discuss and vote on a project.
1--Knit NY-- get a map - (real or stylized, perhaps even subway map)
Maybe include parts of LI, NJ, outlying suburbs to north, too.
Make the map into grid (25 X 25 squares--or about 255 pieces)
Blow up (enlarge) each grid square at least 10 times.
Each member gets a square (or more if they want) to knit.
New knitters can chose waterways (and knit plain blue squares) or park area's and knit green squares.
Experienced kniters can knit intarsia, maybe someone with an i cord knitting maching can make miles of i-cord (for subway lines, or City/countly lines) Members can chose to knit their home square, or the square that represents a former home, or shcool, or favorite place in the city.
--Eventually join the squares back together to have a 100 X100 foot square knit map of NYC and area!
Part of this project (and the next two projects!) should be working with local museums to have a short (3 month or so) special exhibit of the finished project.
The finished product could be auctioned off, and the proceeds donated to a worthy cause.

2- Bushels of Apples.
Members knits (and if desired, also felts) an apple--or a strip of garter stitching (something like a scarf)
Maybe we can convince Nicky Epstein to allow us to use her design for knitted apples for this project, though anyone who wants to design their own apple can!

The garter stitch strips get woven (and felted) into Bushel baskets (or perhaps someone who is a geek wants to design and make a cornucopia-) The knit baskets get filled with knit apples.

NY state is the second largest producer of apples in US. Our guild is the big apple guild.
Apples come in many colors, (golden, green, red, mottled, russet), many sizes, (think of crab apples or ladies apples, right on up to Rome Beauties) and many colors.

This project too, should be exhibited--at least for a short while.

After, members can elect to reclaim the apples they knit, or the project could be auctioned off. In either case, the project needs not just knitters, but PR experts, and Photographers, and someone to find an appropriate place to display the finished work.

3--Knit Shakespeare in the park
Knit the DeLeCourt theater, and ‘characters’ (in costume!) for a production of a Shakespeare play from NYC’s free Shakespeare in the Park
Decide on what scale, what production, (newer knitters can knit the Central park grass for the ‘base’)
This project, too, needs an exhibit space (any BAKG member also a member of the Friends of Central Park? Anyone work for NY Public theater? Or the NYC Dept of Parks? --or on the board of The Museum of the city of NY? or active with the Crafts Art Council?

Hey all of these above projects could be displayed at the NYKnit Out!

4--Design and create a BAKG Calendar. (a 16month calendar)
The Guild has some well known designers, (Lily Chin, Nicky Epstein to name a few!)
Many others members also design. Members who have online or brick and mortar LYS could be listed as sources for the materials.
Other members could be photographers, or test knitters, or editors. Some members could take on the job of PR’s, and notify Knitting Magazines and On Line sources.
(Some members could end up being MODELS! (not this Pip for sure, but we do have some members who could!)
Now days, with Print on Demand services, the whole calendar could exist on a server and be printed and picked up by purchasers at a Kinko’s . If someone doesn’t have a local Kinko’s, well Kinko has Fed Ex service--it could be FexEx’d to them.
Sell the Calendar from the BAKG web site, (via paypal)
No inventory to store, no envelops to address.. All of it done by Kinko’s (or perhaps an even cheaper service provider!)

5--A members Knit along.. (or more than one knit along going at once.. Remember we do have 250+members--with all sorts of skill levels and interests)
Could it be an Aran sweater, (or afghan?) a Fair Isle sweater (or ensemble, with hat and mittens!) a Moebius scarf and Klein Bottle hat. --or maybe a 4 knit along’s planned for every year.. Skill building project for beginners, sharing opportunities for members, with several knit alongs going on at once, the needs of many different members could be met at once.
At least one of the projects should be dedicated to a specific charity.

6--A Stitch and Pitch outing. (this pip has to confess, I think watching a baseball game is as exciting as watching paint dry.. But who cares what this pip thinks?) Stitch and Pitch is now being sponsored by TNNA, in co-operation with the National Baseball Associations.
Obviously, this pip is out of step with hundreds of knitters interests!
Information about Stitch and Pitch can be found at their web site.

Is anyone of these project perfect? No.

There are problems organizing and coordinating all of them.
Are there better idea’s out there? ABSOLUTELY.
This pip wants to be put in her place. Show me all the flaws in the ideas presented, and present an idea of your own!
Let's get a discussion going.. And eventually, a Vote, and then on to a great project!
Do we want a members project that the members contribute (donate) their work and it gets auctioned off?

Or do them members what a project that showcases their work, but allows them to keep it?

Should the project have an aim? Should it be a fund raiser, or just a show off piece?

This pip doesn’t have all the answers, (and besides, my answers are just that, my answers) the members of the BAKG should decide, collectively what they want their membership project to be.
I mean, isn’t that want a membership project is all about?

And remember, when Madam President presents theses idea’s, where she got them from.
If she presents them, (as her own, as ideas she has ‘collected’) it's not leadership, it’s theft.
She’d rather not admit to knowing about this blog. (but she’ll gladly steal ideas from it and present them as her own!)
Just remember where you heard them first!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about taking over a subway car and riding around the city knitting like they did in London?

11:06 AM, December 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would go for the map idea. i love that!
pip, expect an e-mail

11:38 AM, December 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the beginning, the member who taught the Horst Schulz technique,
taught many classes for free.
Afterwards, she did many, many Saturday guild programs.
I assume she was paid for those Saturday programs but don't know any details.
She did many, many programs for bakg.
After a few, it got a bit repetitive.
This same person also did a lot as charity chair.
There's been no one since.

3:31 PM, December 04, 2006  

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